Flashing Lights and Shiny Hipsters

Doing a routine browse on craigslist the other day, I came across a listing that needless to say, caught my eye. Again for all you NYCity dwellers out there…raid your closest for the shiniest gloss-tastic items you own, and send your 411 to the hipsters in Williamsburg! Why? Because they are filming a video for the electro-licious Passion Pit! Filming will be between March 28-30. Exact day is yet to be determined. It is going to be a flashy shoot, since all the ‘kool kids’ are requested to wear anything shiny! (can you say American Apparel?). Can’t wait to see how the video turns out!

View the listing here! or just drop an email here: job-2nx8n-1086563238@craigslist.org

Smile Upon Me – Passion Pit

image courtesy: google images

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