FKA Twigs Stuns at Emo’s

FKA Twigs played to a sold-out room at Emo’s Austin on Thanksgiving eve. While many packed their bags to head home for the holidays, I was thankful I was in town to catch FKA Twigs’ show-stopping performance.

The anticipation began building a year ago after stumbling upon the singer’s “Water Me” video. I was mesmerized by the disorienting imagery and the inventive melodies and sounds. My admiration only grew from there with each new single drop including, “Two Weeks” and “Video Girl.” Naturally when the announcement was made that FKA Twigs was coming to Austin, I immediately added the date to my calendar.

Finally the moment had arrived and FKA Twigs emerged onto the Emo’s stage in a haze of smoke and shadows. The lights were dim and not even a spotlight shone on the petite siren for a number of songs. In the darkness her voice cut across the room, sounding pure yet perilous. She was clear, confident and in control. In sum she sounded as good live as one would hope – if not better.

FKA Twigs floated across the stage as she breezed from one song to the next. Dressed in a billowy tan jacket and skirt her movements appeared even more fluid as she twisted and curved into various shapes.

At the end of the set, FKA Twigs thanked the crowd and expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome. She then told everyone she was going to be by the merch booth to sign autographs and say hello. Almost instantaneously a line snaked around the room, as what looked like 200 people stood and waited for their opportunity to meet the ethereal FKA Twigs face to face.

A word of advice: don’t pass up any opportunity to see this lady live. It was one of the best shows I saw this year.



Photo credit: David Hall for The Horn

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