Five SXSW Band Discoveries

SXSW! That was something wasn’t it? When I wasn’t busy prepping for the amazing Sound Dessert showcase held last Friday, I was catching as many shows as I possibly could. Here are five stellar bands I discovered during the week of madness (following a week of popping cold medicine).

1. Foxygen
I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this band but SXSW was the first time I got to see for myself what all the hype’s about. Boy, was I blown away. One of Foxygen’s first showcases of the festival was for Paste & HGTV at Stage On Sixth. Lead singer Sam France is a wild performer: from the mad look in his eye to the way he jerks his body, not to mention his dramatic vocal range – Foxygen puts on a show to remember. That’s why I was surprised and amused when half way through the set France apologized for his “lack of energy”, explaining the 2PM show was early for the band, and he was still waking up. If this was a low key show, I can only imagine experiencing Foxygen at full throttle, which I intend on doing the next time they’re in town.

2.  Bass Drum of Death

Despite what the name might suggest, this is not a metal band, but damn, do they do rock hard. They played the Life or Death PR show at Scoot Inn and heads were banging. Turn it up and freaking ‘Get Found’.

3. Half Moon Run
I stumbled upon this band at the Deli Radio showcase at the Brew Exchange to catch On An On. They played right before and we’re half way through their set when I arrived. It only took a few seconds though before I was hooked. Apparently I’m a little behind with this band because the room was packed. Half Moon Run consists of three Canadian gentlemen churning out beautiful soundscapes. Half indie, half electronic and fully enchanting.

4. Hunting Club
Hunting Club came to my rescue, filling in at the Sound Dessert showcase at the last minute in place of another artist enduring traveling woes. A trusted friend eagerly recommended them and so the show was my first introduction to this charming four piece from Minneapolis. On Facebook, Hunting Club lists “summery pastels, mimosas, dock shoes, orange sherbet” as their interests. I think that sums up pretty nicely what to expect from their music; perfect summer tunes to kick back to while savoring sherbet or mimosas, or both.

5. White Girl

Some badass tatted cowboys front this electronic pop outfit. I caught the Kansas City based band playing the MidCoast Takeover at Shangri-La. They seemed completely at ease and were really fun to watch. It’s kind of great when a band name has nothing to do with the make/gender/etc of the band – it throws out a lot of expectations. Though mine were exceeded as I found myself soaking in the lush sounds of some synthy disco dance tunes.

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