First Aid Kit’s New Single and Spaghetti Western Inspiration

First Aid Kit. Photo by Neil Krug via Shore Fire Media

Swedish duo First Aid Kit have another mesmerizing single to add to their discography. “My Silver Lining” seems to reference Fleetwood Mac and swells with possibility and daring. There’s a determination to seek out your destiny, no matter what.

“I won’t take the easy road”, declare sisters Johanna and Klara, followed by the refrain “gotta keep on keeping on.”

Jack White discovered the girls in Nashville a few years back and put out the singles “It Hurts Me Too” and “Universal Soldier”. With their upcoming album, Stay Gold, First Aid Kid make their debut on Colombia Records on June 10th.

Expect more songs brimming with suspense and anticipation as Stay Gold was largely inspired by Spaghetti Westerns and Lee Hazlewood productions.

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