Fiona Apple’s Brainchild

If you haven’t seen Fiona Apple’s latest creation, her music video for “Every Single Night”, please do so now. The video made it’s debut last night (June 10) on the Sundance Channel – the singer’s first in six years. Those two factoids should give you an idea of what’s in store (1. artsy 2. epic). As Apple wails, “every single night’s alright with my brain” she’s seen with a squid on her head, and while walking along the banks of Paris another giant squid looms beside her. She also swims upside down and is seen in the arms of her “second skeleton.” Really, you just have to see it for yourself. Press play and behold Fiona Apple’s beautifully bizarre brainchild.

Fiona Apple’s highly anticipated new album The Idler Wheel… is out June 19th.

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