Filligar Play Mercury Lounge

Chicago quintet Filligar played a sold out show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge over the weekend. Excited fans lined up and then waited…and waited…for doors to open. An hour after the scheduled “doors open” time the venue finally started letting people in. Mercury Lounge did not have it together that night and everyone was getting irritated, many turning to Twitter to take out their frustrations. Once on stage Filligar apologized for the delay and chaos at the door and said they were happy the zoo was now inside.

After the long-awaited start, everyone was ready to have fun. There was lots of drinking, cheering and dancing, in other words it was a typical good old-fashioned rock show. Filligar played a lot of songs from their latest album The Nerve and threw in a few old favorites. They played choice songs like “Robbery (Shocking Love)”, “Guilty Good Intentions”, “Not Gonna Settle” and “Gray Area.” Shouts for an encore brought the band back on stage for one more song and that’s when things really got fired up. People were throwing beer cups, jumping around and plain carousing.

The show was a reunion of sorts for the band and their fans, as a strong Dartmouth following (where the guys went to college), came out to support Filligar for their NYC performance.

It was rowdy, it was loud, it was fun. It was worth the wait.

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