Filligar Gets Your “Motor” Runnin’

Filligar has emerged from the studio with a new creative direction. The boys have been on the road for years and have now made in-roads in the studio, recording their sixth studio album. The first taste of this new bent? The meditative “Motor Shine”.

“Motor Shine”, along with the entire LP, is inspired by the beach:

“The new album was recorded in a studio we built inside an old boat warehouse in California” reveals lead singer and guitarist Johnny Mathias. “Just a short walk from the Venice Canals, a space that once stored gondolas instead was, a century later, lined with microphones and homemade sound-proofing.” [Paste]

The California influence on the Chicago natives shines through with a sound that’s more ethereal and contemplative then their previous alternative-rock releases.

I’ve gotta say, I’m all about it.

The breezy “Motor Shine” has summer romance written all over it, with a 4AM encounter that lingers way past sunrise. This intoxicating single leaves the same lasting impression.


If you got a moment, and if you got a moment talk to me
You look a little lonely, a little lonely


Image courtesy of Terrorbird

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