Feelings Of A Summer Heart

“Fall into a blissful whirl of vision and harmony with Swede, David Alexander aka Summer Heart. He provides chill dream pop vibes with mellow vocals that still gives a scintillating increase of your heartbeat.

David Alexander started Summer Heart as a home recording project in 2009. Inspired by the summer, he tried to capture the hope you feel when days are getting longer, and the gloomy emptiness of autumn winds taking over.” [via The Agency Group]

Everyone has a seasonal heart, one that feels the most content when the air is just to your liking. David Alexander and I are kindred spirits, as my heart lies with summer as well. From Sweden, David has surely experienced more limited summers than those of us on the East Coast. With September looming, all us summer heart’s can identify with the singer’s sentiment, reflected in Summer Heart’s glimmering, hazy synth pop. His album About A Feeling is out now. Get lost in it.

Image source: SoundCloud

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