Feelin those Pinker Tones

So Valentines Day is around the corner…not that it’s anyway relevant to this band, aside from the color in their name but whatevs. But I mean if all you want to do on cupid day is go to a club and shake your ‘wobbly bits’, then these guys are perfect.

The Pinker Tones, from sunny Barcelona, are DJ’s and musicians who know how to spin a record! These boys approach their music with a global mindset, singing and mixing tracks in Spanish, French, English and German! Maybe you’ll pick up a few phrases to impress the locals the next time you find yourself in a foreign land, oui?

These guys also know how to give a performance which is key especially when DJing, as you’re hands are virtually glued to the turn-tables. With video projectors, dancing (bobbing) and shouting to the crowd, The Pinker Tones not only spin good tracks, they’re also engaging to watch.

If they are ever spinning a party near you, make plans to spend your night out on the dance floor!

Image credit: myspace

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