Feel the NOISE

A cross between Hairspray pop and Mad Men elegance, the Noisettes‘ soulful 60’s stylings perfectly blend the old with the new. From bluesy ballads to dancey romps, the sophomore album Wild Young Hearts shows the bands creative range, while maintaining consistency.

Classics such as Fleetwood Mac and Prince were a huge inspiration for the album. “We knew we wanted soul and an atmosphere that captured a specific period of time,” said drummer Jamie Morrison on their Web site, “The way Portishead albums do.”

Shingai Shoniwa adds “We’re not trying to be trendy – we want to make music for everyone – but we put effort in to every aspect of being in a band. Our aim is to prove that pop music can still be alternative and exciting. With this album, I know we can do that.”

A fun, fresh album, if you haven’t given it a listen yet, you need to!

Image credit: lastfm

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