Falls: Bedmates Turned Bandmates

Falls via Big Hassle

Falls have quite the history. Melinda and Simon dated for eight years, wrote dozens of love songs and then broke up. They couldn’t however, break up with their music. Setting emotion aside, the duo decided to remain friends and band-mates, knowing they had something worth sharing.

Sounds disastrous right? Wrong.

The decision paid off with Falls landing opening slots touring with Of Monsters of Men, The Lumineers and Delta Rae, signing to Verve soon after. Just last week the Fall’s EP Into The Fire reached #1 on the Billboard Regional Heatseekers chart for the Northeast.

It’s safe to say these two have it figured out.

I had the pleasure of meeting Falls during SXSW when they played the Love, Austin showcase and they were exceptionally warm and endearing.

Once the festival madness settled down I caught up with Melinda about band life with an ex, her L.A. comforts and the venue with the best green room she’s seen yet (hint: they have branded cupcakes – obviously a clear winner)!

Sound Dessert: You recently moved from Sydney to L.A. How’s the transition been?

Melinda Kirwin: Our first night in L.A. we stayed in Laurel Canyon and I was stunned when the cool night air smelled exactly like home…it’s because of all the eucalyptus trees around there. There are a lot of little similarities between the two cities that are definitely making the move halfway around the world a little easier.

SD: Before you became Falls, what were you pursuing?

MK: I’ve had about a million different jobs…waitress, shop girl, tour guide…but all were chosen for their ability to allow me to keep making music! So I guess it’s always been about Falls.

SD: Your debut EP Into The Fire emerged out of your relationship turned friendship. Was the writing process extra emotional or challenging as a result?

MK: We definitely wear our hearts on our sleeve in our songwriting, so the songs we write are very raw, very honest and very emotional. When we are writing we don’t really discuss the deeper content of the lyrics at that moment. I think if we did it would be almost impossible to do this together. Sometimes, it is not until we are performing live or in the recording studio that the meaning behind a lyric becomes clear, as one listens to the other sing it. It can be very emotional and challenging at times still.

SD: How’d you end up touring with the amazing artists The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and now Delta Rae?

MK: We have been very lucky to have some secret admirers putting us forward for some amazing tours! Of Monsters and Men was the first big tour we ever played. We got that tour because someone who worked at the touring company had heard our single “Home” and thought we’d be a good match, so he put us forward to their manager as a potential support. We were so excited when we found out we got it!!

SD: What are some stand-out moments from touring?

MK: Some of the stand out moments for me from our tour with Delta Rae are: playing to an almost silent sold-out Bowery Ballroom in NYC, the first time someone requested a song from the crowd here in the U.S. in Boston, and the time we got our first flat tire and had to change it in the snow.

SD: Which venue has the best green room?

MK: The 9:30 Club in Washington DC! They took amazing care of us. Whiskey, wine, dinner, snacks and 9:30 Club cupcakes for dessert.

The Falls by Mclean Stephenson

SD: Your tour with Delta Rae ended with SXSW. What were you most looking forward to this year?

MK: We came to America for the first time last year for SXSW, so the festival means a lot to us and is a real marker in time. Last year I was our manager, booking agent, publicist, tour manager etc, so this year I was looking forward to just being an artist, playing some great shows and enjoying the festival!

SD: On the single “Home” you sing about escaping home to forget your problems. What are some things that make you miss home?

MK: It’s funny the things make you homesick…sometimes it’s a song or a smell. Last week it was the smell of the juicy fruit gum someone next to me was chewing (it always reminds me of my grandmother). Today it’s the sunshine and the temperature in L.A., it feels just like Sydney in the summer.

SD: Some things that make you forget about home?

MK: Yuca’s Taco’s and In-N-Out Burger! You can’t get them back home 😉

SD: The Mindy Project or Girls?

MK: GIRLS. Lena Dunham is a genius.

Stay up to date with Falls here and purchase Into The Fire here.

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