Fake Club Do What They Gotta Do

Image source: Soundcloud

Aicha, Chloe, Carmen, Rosie and Vicky are the fierce females behind Fake Club, a grungy rock band determined to shake up societal standards and pressures. As the Brit’s declared in an interview with the Guardian, the ladies are, “”sick of the values of our current generation” and want to provide an alternative to “celebrity worship, glorified karaoke contests and ‘flawless’ faces on the cover of every magazine””. Sounds like a refreshing mantra I can get down with.

Fake Club’s raw sound translates from the stage to the studio. The girls recorded all the tracks for their new album live in studio, allowing no more than two takes per song. Based on the single “Do What You Gotta Do”, the album promises to be smoldering. Look for the release out sometime this year.

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