Emperor X Shares Grapefruit And Almonds At The Sound Dessert SXSW Day Party

Photo credit: Bryan Taylor

Emperor X peeled a grapefruit in one shot before starting his set at the Sound Dessert SXSW day party. “Since this is a morning show I brought grapefruit and almonds for everyone. Help yourself”. As the affable singer began his set, fans clustered around, singing along, shouting out requests and yes, helping themselves to a fresh wedge of citrus.

Alternating from acoustic to electric, Emperor X played a number of favorites from Western Teleport including, “Allahu Akbar” and “Erica Western Teleport.” Closing out the set with the latter, Emperor X  dropped to his knees while everyone sang in unison. Was that the end or was another treat in store? “I don’t know who’s next but I’m going to play Sir Mix-A-Lot until their ready”, joked Emperor X into the mic. So did he show off his rap skills? Watch and find out:

Allahu Akbar

Erica Western Teleport

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