Ducktails – Headbanging In The Mirror

Headbanging in the mirror sounds like either an effective way to wake up in the morning, or the fastest way to give yourself whiplash. Neither are the case when it comes to Ducktails‘ down-tempo, chill wave single, “Headbanging In The Mirror.”

The somewhat surrealist video shows lead singer Matt Mondanile driving through the countryside lost in thought. “Just let me come down from this speedy / Afternoon interior dream,” Mondanile sings in the chorus. In this scenario, headbanging seems to be an effective way to do just that. However this single in particular, could pass as a soothing lullaby.

“Headbanging In The Mirror” is off Ducktails fifth recording, St. Catherine, out now. Mondanile, who’s the guitarist of Real Estate, worked on the album while on tour with the band. Get St. Catherine here.

Featured image source: Domino Records

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