Druff Druff Druff (party all day and night)

I have returned from a brief hiatus due to traveling around Copenhagen and Berlin the past week and a half. It has been a whirlwind of beautiful architecture, rich history and delicious food. The nightlife has also been a lively and exciting experience. Absent are ass shakin hip hop jams in lieu of futuristic techno. One german producer in particular is making noise throughout dj booths all across europe. A skilled artisan, this rising talent knows how to mix brawny beats into hard-hitting anthems.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lützenkirchen. The mastermind behind the alluring “3 Tage Wach.” With a tenacious hook and assertive synth beats, this track will keep you dancing throughout the night and into the morning. Appropriate, since the song is about staying away for three days and doing nothing but partying. So if you are in the mood to drink and dance, I urge you to blast this song at an unacceptable volume. And as long as you have a couple cucumber slices on hand, you won’t have to worry about getting those bags under your eyes.


3 tage wach – lützenkirchen


photo courtesy myspace

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