Don’t Stop Living In The Red

This week I am spending all my time around NYU working/attending the CMJ festival. It’s been great so far, and I’m looking forward to delivering all the highlights once the week is over (and catching up on sleep as well–wait, what’s that?) So don’t judge me if my updates are a little sparse this week, I’m not going anywhere I promise! It’s just a one woman band here, I have no little interns or helpers to assist me. But back to CMJ, there is a great roster this year.

The xx performed last night, sold out obviously with lines around the corner. If you haven’t heard the hype, then check them out because they are being blogged and talked about everywhere I look. Mum, a highlight for me this week, are a great experimental, electronica band I’m looking forward to seeing on Friday, and will profile more in depth later in the week.

Want I want to focus on for this post is Andrew W.K. A featured panelist at the festival, Andrew spoke yesterday, drawing a large, exuberant crowd. With AWK you can always expect something out of the ordinary. This energy resonates with people, and relaxes people too. When the audience knows the speaker is capable of doing or saying anything, than they feel comfortable asking and saying anything. The outcome ends up being a great interactive experience, starting with AWK dancing with, and ultimately breaking apart, his chair.

AWK aims for the experience. He wants to take audiences, fans, artists what have you, out of their comfort zone and beyond their every day frame of reference. Surpassing the mundane, the analyzed, the comprehended, allows people the possibility to go to another place, where people just experience life in the moment. These kinds of experiences-good experiences-stir emotions within ourselves that makes us feel alive, the feeling you get when you’re passionate about something. And it made sense. I got why there were parts of a chair on stage.

Andrew W.K. is a performance artists. The Joseph Beuys of our time. Connected to fans and society. He wants to help others open our minds, and stretch our thinking beyond the everyday, the ordinary, and challenge what we know. The improv, the humor, the theatrics, yes Andrew W.K. is a singer, but he’s also a performer, an artist, and he has a big message to send. Be yourself, be responsible for your life, and be willing to push the envelope.

Andrew W.K. came out with a new album 55 Cadillac last month. Be sure to check it out.

Image credit: lastfm

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