Doe Paoro – The Wind (Feat. Adam Rhodes)

If “The Wind” sounds imposing it’s because the expansive single was inspired by Hurricane Sandy. Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Doe Paoro, found herself enraptured and inspired by the whistling, howling sounds of the storm as she watched and waited for it to pass from her former Brooklyn dwelling.

“I became captivated by what I was hearing and came up with this idea of the wind,” says Paoro. “I was mystified by the power of nature and I feel like that curiosity is in the song.”

The slow-burning single begins with lullaby like piano notes, followed by strings, as one layer builds upon the other.  Adam Rhodes sets the tone as he sings, “You only show enough to keep me guessing.” From here Doe Paoro joins in: the two voices intertwining in a haunting harmony.

The opening line speaks to Paoro’s narrative influence for the song: “People are always changing, and you can really never assume to know anyone else. So it’s about the unmasking of continual identity. And that ghostly quality of what it feels like.”

“The Wind” was produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon with Chicago duo Supreme Cuts providing the beat. Doe Paoro plans to release an album with Anti- later this year.

Image source: Mia Berg

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