Doe Paoro – Nobody

Doe Paoro “won’t let up”, she sings on “Nobody”.  A significant statement considering the Brooklyn-based singer almost did just that with her music career.

Frustrated with the way things were going, Paoro traveled to India in pursuit of a yoga license and a new path. Turns out all that silent meditation led to a creative rebirth, as she re-discovered her true passion for music. Paoro packed her bags and returned to NYC filled with inspiration.

The result is the four-song E.P. Ink On The Walls, the commanding follow up to the singer’s 2012 debut album Slow To Love (featuring the powerfully soulful “Born Whole“). Each track on the E.P., from “Nobody” to “Walking Backwards“, stands on its own with poignant lyrics and flowing synths.

Paoro’s EP comes on the heels of a successful run at SXSW as an official showcasing artist (one of the stand-out live performances I saw during the fest).

Fluid, emotive and dramatic, Paoro strikes a chord with carefully placed pauses and bass beats, not to mention a rich, memorable voice.


Image credit: Gary He

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