DJ’s Unleashed at The Roosevelt Hotel

Brie Larson DJing at the UG Presents with The Embassy: A 2012 Grammy Celebration

Saturday night (Feb 11) at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood was the place to see and be seen. Under way was a pre-Grammy party hosted by UG Strategies with The Embassy to celebrate the nominations of: Cut Copy, Daft Punk, Maroon 5, Wilco, and OK GO. Upon first arrival the scene was chaos. Crowds of guys in tight jeans and long hair, and girls in pumps and bright red lipstick, crowded the velvet red rope to be let into the gated off lobby where the party was underway. After finally getting through, my friends and I made our way to the bar where they were passing out free beers, courtesy of Heineken. The dark room was accented with bright green and blue lights, reflecting both Heineken and JetBlue Airways’ partnership with the event (whose names were also up in lights, naturally).

The crowd at The Roosevelt Hotel

With DJ sets all night long by members of Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem, Maroon 5, and OK GO, along with LA’s Chris Holmes, Elijah Wood, Ana Calderon, Myles Hendrick, and Brie Larson, it’s safe to say a dance party ensued. Heady remixes consumed the dance floor, some so fresh my Shazam couldn’t even identify them. My one friend approached the DJ to inquire about an especially intoxicating track, in which he replied he had just bootlegged it. Therein lies the magic and the trouble of a party of this nature: getting to hear one of a kind mashups, that are just that, one of a kind. In other words, there’s very little chance of tracking down what you heard, and re-living the magic back home. Guess it’s just one more reason to go out!

While the VIP’s enjoyed their own private dance party, the ‘riff raff’ kept the party bumpin’ in the main room. Needless to say it was quite the night to remember (or as the inebriated case may be – forget).

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