Dirty Projectors Strike Gold

The Dirty Projectors seem to have exploded onto the music scene overnight. From vague familiarity to ubiquitous buzzing, the Dirty Projectors have landed on the map. With broken twigs and crowns of dandelions, they etched out their ‘X’, marking their deserved spot in indie pop-culture. With their fifth album release, Bitte Orca, the Dirty Projectors have finally struck gold. Unusual harmonies, eclectic chord combinations, fusing lo-fi and hi-fi frequencies and distinct vocal arrangements make this album a stand-out success.

“Two Doves” tickles the ear with tight guitar plucks, bold string accents and soft husky vocals provided by Angel Deradoorian. The crowd favorite “Stillness Is The Move” is choppy, erratic and wild, yet somehow it works. The unusual, high-pitched guitar chords paired with Amber Coffman’s vocals, are impossible to ignore and hard to forget.

A creative tour-de-force Bitte Orca pushes the boundaries, leaving listeners impressed and curious as to what the Dirty Projectors are capable of next. The album is a testament to the bands evolution, and hopefully this growth will only continue.

Image courtesy: google images

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