Dia De Luz

Love, Light and Melody is a nonprofit organization that battles extreme poverty suffered by those living in one of the biggest trash dumps in the world in Managua, Nicaragua.  The organization was started by Brad Corrigan of Dispatch in 2007, with the intention of using the arts to rebuild this community.  I discovered the organization in 2009. I found the cause inspiring and was drawn to how they utilized the arts to strengthen this community.  I recently received an update from them in the mail, saying that in 2010 they built a safe house to provide refuge for some of the people that live there.  In the letter they asked to share the news, I felt compelled to do so.

Every year Love, Light and Melody host an event called Dia De Luz where everyone gets together to celebrate life through music and the arts.  Their mission is to “celebrate a profound love conquering hate, a beautiful light overcoming darkness, and a resounding melody breaking silence” to the 1500 people that call this trash dump their home.

It’s wonderful to see the progress they’ve made in a few short years.  I think it sends a great message of progress and potential for starting the new year. What changes do you want to make in your life for 2011? How do you want to interact with others, how do you want to create an impact? Here’s to the next 12 months – may everyone find them filled with love, light and melody.

Watch the trailer below to see the trash dump in Managua, and the lives that have been helped there.

Day of Light from Love Light & Melody on Vimeo.

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