Devonté Hynes + Siren Song “Palo Alto”

A couple weeks ago I shared the Palo Alto trailer which includes a preview of the single Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) and Robert Schwartzman (Rooney) composed together. Now you can hear the siren song in full.

“Palo Alto” features supporting vocals by Hynes’ girlfriend Samantha Urbani and temperate strains of guitar, piano and bass. “Didn’t you think that we were beautiful, don’t you think that I’m your friend?” Sings Hynes, “I’ll be the first one to tell you a lie.”

These lines set the tone for the deceiving yet dulcet track. Each note lingers in the air, hinting at trouble and temptation. Hynes executes the sentiment of the seedy film seamlessly.

In case you’re not yet familiar, here’s the rundown: Palo Alto is adapted by James Franco’s book of the same name and stars Emma Roberts, Val Kilmer, and of course, James Franco. Franco plays a creepy soccer coach who strikes up an inappropriate relationship (art imitating life much?) with one of the girls (Emma Watson) on the team. Drama ensues. Gia Coppola, granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola directed the film.

The Palo Alto soundtrack is available now on iTunes and features more songs by Devonté Hynes and Robert Schwartzman as well as tracks by Mac DeMarco and Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman).

It’s the perfect soundtrack for waking up with regret.

Palo Alto opens in limited release starting May 9th.


Image source: Domino Publishing

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