Delicate Steve’s New Music: “It’s like me right after I get a haircut”

Delicate Steve

Delicate Steve emanate a joie-de-vivre that flows into their music and their fans. It’s an undeniable Positive Force, if you will. The Jersey natives create quixotic melodies that are intricate, intriguing, ruminative, and most notably – absent of vocals. Here, the instruments take center stage, along with front-man Steve Marion’s engrossing guitar playing.

Marion’s fingerpicking, and new material, will be on display this weekend at Austin’s Levitation Festival. I caught up with the musician about Delicate Steve’s upcoming new release, the band’s passionate fans, and lemonade.

Catch Delicate Steve at Levitation Festival this Sunday, May 1st performing at 6:20PM on the Elevation Stage.

Sound Dessert: What excites you most about the new music you’re releasing?
Steve Marion: It’s the newest version of me, it’s like me right after I get a haircut.

SD: What insight did you gain from working with Paul Simon?
SM: Don’t over think it, then put it under the microscope.

SD: How has partaking in different projects, like Saint Rich, influenced the band’s creative dynamic?
SM: The more music I play and bands I play in, the more my musical vocabulary expands. I like when my brain feels like a balloon that’s being blown up.

SD: Like many of us, the band felt the recent, surprising loss of Prince. How did he inspire you?
SM: He was an unrelenting visionary, and his vision was so beautiful and free. Purple Rain was the first Prince record that I owned.

SD: Your guitar playing is undeniable, who are some of your guitar idols?
SM: The voices of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, the guitar playing of Eddie Hazel, Jimmy Page, Robert Fripp. Anybody who plays guitar real sloppy I kind of like.

SD: Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Levitation Festival this weekend?
SM: Ween.

SD: What’s the best thing about being from New Jersey?
SM: That rural New Jersey lifestyle.

SD: You guys seem to have especially passionate/witty fans…
SM: Some fans have been out to see us over 5 times, and I’m always so excited to hear that. We’ve gotten to play the wedding of two Delicate Steve fans. The musicians that I admire who are fans of the band, that means the world to me and I am so honored to be a part of their lives.

SD: How many lemons does one need to make lemonade?
SM: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Image source: courtesy of the artist

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