Delicate Steve: A Positive Force To Be Reckoned With

positive force

Delicate Steve aka Steve Marion, does wonders for the soul. Diving into intricate reverberating guitar arrangements that sometimes feel like the soundtrack to a video game, Delicate Steve divinely interrupts ones expectations of instrumental music. On his sophomore release Positive Force, out now, Delicate Steve takes the listener through a myriad of experiences. From the invigorating to the romantic, through the amazon forests and out into the galaxy, he does it all with sublime cohesion.

A few exceptions on the record include lyrics as a breathy supporting role, like “Two Lovers”, while other songs like “Love” are accented with “oooh’s”, but Positive Force is all about the energy this album thrusts onto the listener. Give it a whirl, because if you don’t, you will seriously be missing out.

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