Dearly Beloved Are "Living Proof" of Toronto’s Rock Scene

“What we have right here is real” sing Toronto’s Dearly Beloved on their latest single “Living Proof”. Some real rock ‘n’ roll that is. The trio bring the noise on their psychedelic LP Hawk vs. Pigeon. Recorded at Joshua Tree’s Rancho de la Luno studio, the album was a cathartic release for the band who improvised for five days through a intoxicated, stoned haze. The process proved most transformative for front-man Rob Higgins, who dreamed of recording an album in the desert after surviving two traumas: the loss of his father and an intensive stomach surgery.

The title Hawk vs. Pigeon derives from a Discovery channel type ordeal the band witnessed during a recording session one day – a hawk demolishing a pigeon. To Dearly Beloved, it symbolized everything coming full circle.

Dearly Beloved has toured with Juliette Lewis, Sloan and Die Mannequin.

Strap yourself in for tunes to “get you through when you’re not right. TKO”

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