Deap Vally Fed Up With All The "Lies" On New Single.

Image source: Facebook

All female rock groups? A pretty rare occurrence in music. But feast your eyes on Deap Vally from Los Angeles – a fierce girl band that tells it like it is. From telling off a cheating boyfriend in the sultry “Lies” to resolute independence in “Gonna Make My Own Money”, Deap Vally delivers growly pipes with sweet guitar licks.

Keep Deap Vally on your radar, the ladies have a packed summer opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and dates co-headling with Free Energy, in addition to appearing at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Austin Psych Fest and more. They’ve also opened for Mumford & Sons and Muse. All this before the duo’s debut EP Get Deap even drops on April 9th? Impressive.

Kicking cheaters to the curb and making money by way of rock stardom? Sounds like pretty sweet revenge to me.

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