Day Wave – Drag

Day Wave (aka Jackson Phillips) doesn’t want to be a downer. Not that he sees himself that way – or so he claims – on the dispirited single “Drag.” The surf-pop track starts off defensive with the lyrics, “You say I’m always getting mad, I’m always such a drag, but I’m not like that.” But it’s not long before Day Wave concedes, “I know it’s hard being around me.”

Sometimes people can’t quite see eye to eye, they just bring each other down. Day Wave seems to know something about that.

In a press release the singer shared,“‘Drag‘ was originally a more optimistic song, and it wasn’t called ‘Drag’. After recording it once, I decided to change the chords, which then lead me to changing the lyrics. And eventually it turned into a song about messing up everything I touch.”

Day Wave doesn’t mess up everything he touches, because this song is anything but a drag. A little self-depractacing? He’s probably “just like that.”

Image source: Facebook

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