Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin wrote, recorded and produced their fifth studio album Love 2 completely on their own. In their studio in France, Air created their breathy synth record. A more evolved, emotional side of Air comes through in the album. “there is a lot of love in this album and butterflies, feelings.” Says Dunckel. “It’s mostly about the charms of the women that we love, our expectations about women, the consequences of being in love [laughs]. That kind of thing.” Read the full interview here.

“Sing Sang Sung” the duo’s latest single is a sweet soft ballad, leaving room for imagination. Imagination, mind you, is a key component in the development of Air’s music. Dunckel and Godin strive to craft songs that ‘breathe’ so listeners are free to interpret them as they please.

The video for “Sing Sang Song” makes me feel like I’m playing a video game, in fact I would love if it was an actual video game. While just a series of simple animations, I found myself sucked in, watching the wonderful and weird world that a little round ball guided me through. Trees become legs, waves morph into faces, mushrooms become jelly fish, and piano keys transform into fingers. Nothing is as it seems. It is a lovely world of fantasy.

Love 2 is out 10/5/09.

Image credit: LastFm

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