Cults of New York

I recently discovered this band, and they are enchanting.  Cults – a couple from right here in nyc, may only have three songs available on their Bandcamp, but these songs have gotten the blogosphere buzzing. There’s also barely any information online about them, only heightening listeners curiosity about the talented duo.

Breezy synth pop mixed with hazy vocals and a splash of percussion, create an irresistible combination. In “Go Outside” the strike of the glockenspiel instantly starts the song off on a spirited note.  Though listening closely one hears a fragmented voice in the background saying, “To me, death is not a fearful thing. It’s living that’s treacherous.”  A google search reveals the line was uttered by cult leader of the Peoples Temple, Jim Jones.  Fitting, giving their band name, though the song actually does encourage ‘going outside’ and being open to new experiences and adventures.  They are in the works for putting together an album, though doesn’t seem like it will be coming out any time in the near future.

Push play for your daily serving of happiness.  This song will tickle your serotonin levels. Get a free download of their 7″ here including “Go Outside,” “Most Wanted,” and “The Curse.”

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