Cold Blood Club Close Sound Dessert SXSW Day Party

There’s a damn fine band named Cold Blood Club that came to SXSW to do what they always do – These kids could double as hype (wo)men; they know how to rouse a crowd and start a dance party, and their sexy dose of rock does a body good. I mean have you seen the video for “White Boyz“? Nuff said. Even ballads like “Down” and “Wolves” pack a punch. 
Cold Blood Club covered the whole range during their live set, mostly playing songs from their EP Headlines and Firefights. In closing the Sound Dessert Day Party, the Brooklyn-based band had fans (and family) of all ages on their feet. There may have even been a little two-stepping action. It was a sublime ending to a sublime SXSW party.
Watch CBC do their thing:
Rock ‘N’ Roll Part 1

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