Coeds – Sensitive Boys

“Who said anything about love?” That’s the question at hand on Coeds‘ debut single “Sensitive Boys.” The Austin duo, fronted by Meredith Muñoz, sing about immature boys who constantly “make such a mess” of dating. Sorry, dudes.

Muñoz, unimpressed by the “same tricks” and “cliches” she experiences time and again, sings with assured nonchalance over bandmate Ryan Kailath’s driving 80’s synth beat. The lightheartedly candid, and all to relatable lyrics, makes “Sensitive Boys” an anthem for the Tinder age.

Sometimes relationships die before they even get off the ground. Often “sensitive boys” afraid of things getting remotely serious, are to blame.

But, really, who said anything about love?

The “Sensitive Boys” 7inch is available for purchase via Old Flame Records.

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