Climb The “MOUNTAIN” With Only Girl

Only Girl has gripped my heart. Her breathtaking voice and soul-cutting lyrics will get to you, no matter how hard you might try to resist. If you decide to listen to Only Girl at work don’t say I didn’t warn you when your eyes start tearing up. I’m not describing emo music here – this is anything but – it’s just that freaking beautiful.

Take the single “MOUNTAIN” which gives me chills every time I play it. The stunning ballad sucker-punched me in the gut before I even knew the story behind it. Now that I do know the story, it resonates that much more deeply.

From Only Girl’s Tumblr:

One year ago today, my fiance Jamie was discharged from the neuro-rehab unit where he had been an inpatient for a year, after suffering a traumatic brain injury.. it seems very fitting that today is the day I put Mountain online for the first time- I wrote this song for him, to sing of the struggle he has been through but also the triumph of his gradual recovery against all odds- he inspires me everyday & shows me that you should never give up, no matter how high the ‘Mountain’ that you have to climb.

”I will climb this mountain, just to follow you”

Have you felt them yet? The chills?

Only Girl’s releasing an EP in a few months. Keep your eye on her, she’s destined for greatness.
Listen to more Only Girl on her Souncloud page, like the lovely “BITTERSWEET”.

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