Clear Plastic Masks Give Good Face

Brooklyn-dwelling rockers Clear Plastic Masks are ready to face the music. Starting out as friends supporting each other’s artistic pursuits, the boys soon realized that together, they had a good thing going, and thus Clear Plastic Masks was born. Their burning bluesy rock anthems hit a soulful chord that’s sure to brand them as a local favorite and then some. With ringing guitar riffs, mellifluous key strokes and Andrew Katz’s husky resounding vocals, there’s no disguising the talent of these (clear) masked men. Get tuned in before word gets out.

Their self-titled debut EP is set for release December 5th. If you’re in NYC that day, be sure to drop by Lone Wolf in Brooklyn for their record release party. The band then heads south for their New Orleans bound tour, with a special stop while in Nashville to record with Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter Studio (The Ettes, Girl Talk).

Clear Plastic Masks are Charlie Garmendia on drums, Eddy DuQuesne (bass/keys), Matt Menold (guitar/keys), and Andrew Katz (guitar/keys/vocal). Check out their Facebook page here.

 Image source: High Road Touring

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