Circo Abusivo

As I am studying in London for the semester, I have been simulating myself with the culture and activities of a true Brit (or at least trying to–I haven’t had fish and chips yet, but its on my to do list…as for Yorkshire pudding, I’m not making any promises). A few weeks ago I attended the Thames Festival. There I was greeted with an aesthetic spread of crafts, food, dancing and, you guessed it, music. Passing by the many vendors and booths, the cheers and laughter echoing from one tent in particular caught my attention. Peeking inside, I instantly felt the energy.

It was kinetic. A magnetic crowd jumped, twirled and shouted. The band played with equal vigor, bobbing their heads–their hair having more bounce and volume then a Tresemme commercial. It is here I stumbled upon the pandemonium that is Circo Abusivo.

It is easy to get a crowd energized when they are familiar with the artist, and purchased tickets specifically to see their performance. Playing at a festival, for free, and inflicting that much enthusiasm in a crowd where most people are unfamiliar with you? Now that’s impressive.

Alex De Simoni is the animated lead singer. His facial expressions, stage presence and passionate playing make him an enchanting performer. His fingers assail the accordion like buzzing worker bees. He stings the chords, challenging Renato Acquistapace on the trombone, to drown him out. The showdown is sticky sweet.

Hailing from Italy, Cirvo Abusivo are enigmatic music players. Upon Google searching them I discovered that they are now touring with Gogol Bordello. Excellent live performers, their songs don’t have much dialogue, but with all the dancing you hardly notice. Be sure to give them a listen.

Here is a little video I shot of them at the Thames festival.

Image courtesy: myspace

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