Christmas With Stevens

A dissertation could be written about the multiple scenes, objects and levels of meaning occurring in the video for Sufjan Stevens’ “I”ll Be Home For Christmas”, featuring a young girl running past different rooms, all of which have pretty macabre scenario’s playing out (death, crime, etc). The video places dark emphasis on the line, “I’ll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams” and unfolds as a sort of eerie fun-house. Unfazed, the girl keeps running until she finds her present under the tree and displays it proudly with a big grin. My take? Boycott Black Friday. On a series note though, I think the video serves as a reminder to remember what’s important this time of year: family, friends, health and giving back not just giving gifts.

P.S. Props to the guy wearing antlers and chopping wood for the vinyl copy of Delicate Steve’s Wondervisions propped in the corner (2:21). Guy’s god good taste in music.

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