Choir of Young Believers

Is it possible to fall in love with a band? If so then I’m kind of falling in love with Choir of Young Believers. A beautiful voice, arresting melodies and a knack with words, this ‘choir’ (which actually happens to be one person) has me singing its praises. COYB’s Jannis Noya Makrigiannis’ icy cool voice is as satisfying as a cup of hot cocoa next to a crackling fire. Irresistible, right?

According to the Guardian, Jannis is “a 26-year-old of mixed Danish, Greek and Indonesian parentage, who performs and records either alone or with anything up to eight backing musicians playing strings and percussion.” This goes for when Jannis performs live also. His shows can have anyone from 2 to 8 people performing on stage.

Well if the backing musicians get thrown into the mix, there are more makings for a choir. Either way I’m enamored with COYB. You got to check him/them out! One thing there’s no mistaking–Jannis’ stoic, arresting voice paired with songs that are heartbreaking yet empowering. I’ve been converted, are you next?

Pick up a copy of This Is for the White In Your Eyes and his latest single “Action/Reaction.”

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