Céu’s ‘Caravan Holiday’

São Paulo-based vocalist and songwriter Céu has a breathy, sultry voice and a quixotic sound. I just discovered the singer by way of her new single “Retrovisor” but Céu has strong roots in the music industry. She just released her third album, Caravana Sereia Bloom, and her previous work has been Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated. She’s also got a fierce following and with one look at her music video, it’s easy to see why. Céu’s not only got the vocal chops but the looks as well.

The songs on Céu’s latest album, which incorporate a variety of Latin American sounds and styles, were inspired by travel: “Basically this entire album is a collection of short tales revolving around the chaos of a road trip,” Céu explains. “The record as a whole was a way to pay tribute to ‘Caravan Holiday‘ from the movie Bye Bye Brasil. In each song I put myself in a different character’s place.”

“Retrovisor” is the first video off Ceu’s new album, and while I have no idea what she’s saying, I do know that I want to hear more.

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