Caterwaulrus – Beauty Born Of Balanchine


Caterwaulruspsychedelic dreamscapes return with the release of the hazy “Beauty Born Of Balanchine.” The six minute oeuvre sings of the push and pull of life, and balancing one’s desires and responsibilities. The song opens with Caterwaulrus’ John Michael Sherry singing, “We both possess this burden / Working hard to find the time we need to breathe.” 

The balancing act of managing and utilizing time unfolds on the reverberating single as Sherry compares himself to a guppy in a “culture pond,” eager to soak up everything there is to see and learn. At the same time, he yearns for a quiet evening at home with his love.

“”Beauty Born Of Balanchine” has two major themes” says Sherry. “One is the expansion of your creative horizon from someone you hold very close, and the other is a fear of losing those opportunities due to stress and some anti-dream related occupation. It’s wishing you had just one perfect moment to grow together, but being crushed by the weight of responsibilities. Responsibilities that keep you alive, but stop you from living.”

There’s a struggle to juggle all the forces at play, but “Beauty Born Of Balanchine” is a song of resilience not surrender. Play it on stressful days when you need an extra boost to make it through another “humpday.”

Caterwaulrus’ sophomore EP, Songs That Go Nowhere, is out now.


Image source: Caterwaulrus 

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