Camel Power Club – Sputnik

French duo Camel Power Club fly pretty under the radar. There’s not much out there on the interwebs about the pair aside from describing themselves as “two very good friends making music together.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with a little mystery.

But after listening to their E.P. Sputnik, I couldn’t help but be intrigued, so as I do with any band that strikes my curiosity, I consulted Google. My efforts proved futile. No names, no faces, no videos, no interviews, no bio, nada. But who needs background context anyway? Let’s look to the music:

The track ‘Hekla’ features a cute little New Zealand(?) kid uttering, “We go out together? / Doing the right things, doing not the wrong things. / It just reminds me of things that I’ve been through.”

At just over a minute, the track lets the lil babes words linger in the air as the sound of children shouting and playing echoes in the background. Camel Power Club isolates a moment of innocence – innocence that’s starting to fade as experience and memories – things that I’ve been through – start building.

Then there’s the sparkling ‘Fisher’, a sweet song about self-acceptance. With the refrain “Shake it all baby, Shake it all baby,” ‘Fisher’ sounds like a Serge Gainsborough interpretation of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off.’ Touching on societies preoccupation with beauty, Camel Power Club sings “Stop trying to look like models in the TV show, why would you want to be someone you do not know?

Listen to it on a morning walk in the park and shake away those worries, bebe.

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