Broods’ Burning “Bridges”

Stuck in a funk? Then saddle up to Broods. The brother, sister duo selected the moody moniker in reference to their sound (and their being related). So go ahead, let those feelings stew.

Hailing from New Zealand, the Kiwi’s make introspective synth pop as heard on the smoldering “Bridges“. Georgia Nott leads with cool, icy vocals, sounding equally vindicated and indifferent when she sings, “And we’re burning all the bridges now / Watching them go up in flames.”

Broods self-titled debut EP is out now and their full-length album, Evergreen is slated for release in September. Did I mention it’s being produced by Joel Little, the same man that produced Lorde’s indomitable “Royals“?

Yeah, so expect the album to be pretty tight.

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