Brazilian Girls Are Having A Good Time

The sassy spicy Brazilian Girls are back. Their latest single “Good Time” was released this week in preparation for the August debut of their third album New York City. Free-spirited and flavorful, the track is sure to electrify those hot summer nights. The airy whistling of wood winds float among waves of guitar riffs and hand-claps. “Good Time” certainly makes a splash. The song seems like an appropriate release for an album titled New York City. NYC, after all, is always a guaranteed good time. As a fellow native (alike the Brazilian Girls), I must confess the city never disappoints me. I love the speed of the subways, the colorful people, the fabulous shopping and the crazy nightlife. With that said, New York City (at least what I’ve previewed) surely satisfies.

To preview more of songs from New York City check out their MySpace.

Listen to “Good Time” below:
Good Time – Brazilian Girls

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