Brave Shores – More Like You

Mellow out to Brave Shores‘ mellifluous single, “More Like You.” The brother and sister duo channel the dream-pop sound of Beach House on this sparkling serenade, but don’t be misled by the title – this song’s not about admiration.

Rather, something darker looms, as Brave Shores sing of losing one’s self and turning into someone you don’t recognize. “All my love is burned, all my tables turned, less like me and more like you” chants Stefanie McCarrol, “I’m becoming more like you.” Despite a downward spiral including being “wasted and alone,” the song turns a corner half-way through when, despite the struggles, Jay McCarrol sings, “I see myself again.”

We all have those moments when we lose our way or compare ourselves to other people. “More Like You” majestically captures the haze of self-doubt and the fight to stay true to your inner voice.

Brave Shores self-titled EP is available now and has summer vibes written all over it.

Image source: Brad Casey via Wayhome

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