Bow Down: FKA Twigs’ Majestic “Two Weeks”

FKA Twigs runs the throne in the video for “Two Weeks”, the lead single off her upcoming debut album, LP1, out August 12th.

Let me just say, this video is f-i-r-e.

Like the works of ancient Egypt, FKA Twigs imposes her stature with scale, towering over her dancing minions. In the same vein, she also possesses superhuman powers. Casually pointing her finger, a stream of water flows from the empresses pointer to quench the thirst of one of her sparkling, bronzed dancers.

But this isn’t just about dominion over an empire, this is about dominating in the bedroom.

FKA Twigs will do it better, will have you dreaming about it, getting high over it, and forgetting about that other girl you’re with. Just give her “two weeks, you won’t recognize her”, she sings.

As for the song, it will take about two seconds for this slinky synth track to work its way into your head and stay there.

In the words of Queen Bey, bow down bitches.

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