Blue Healer’s Luminescent Debut Album

Blue Healer

Reverberating pop-trio Blue Healer release their self-titled debut album today. A year in the making, the debut signifies a turning point in the band’s career as they spend more touring and playing bigger venues and festivals.

While on a brief break from the road, I caught up with Blue Healer ahead of their gig at the new 3Ten (ACL Live’s little sister venue) last week and asked them a few questions about the release.

“What we’re experiencing right now is the really fun part of making the record” says Bryan Mammal (keys, vocals). “Recording is really fun but you put in a ton of work and you forget why you did it until it’s actually out and you see your friends holding the record. That’s really cool.”

So how will they celebrate on release day? “We’ll probably get wasted or play a Whole Foods,” says David Beck (bass, guitar, vocals). “We’ve been playing some good Whole Foods gigs in exchange for food because we’re poor. Seriously, we get gift cards. It goes a long way.”

I would want Annie Clark to make me bagel bites

Blue Healer

Blue Healer backstage at 3Ten

As we talk about their favorite foods I ask Blue Healer what eats would make them want to sing for their supper?

“In San Marcos at Pie Society they have a pizza with honey on it – I would play for that pizza,” Says Stripling.

“I would play for my Grandma to make pecan pie and green beans and turkey dish, but she’d have to come back to life, but it would be a double win,” says Mammal.

“I would want Annie Clark to make me bagel bites,” says David.

The band saw Annie Clark, known as St. Vincent, play Houston’s Free Press Festival and her performance and the production of the show made a lasting impression. “It was right when we were going into the studio to record this album, says Mammal, and we took a lot away from seeing everyone doing their thing.”

Just one year later, Blue Healer went from spectators, to playing the festival, and this year they’ll be performing at Austin City Limits Music Festival. It’s evident that the buzz is growing.

“We just played San Marcos and it was the first time when we backed off the mic and the crowd sang the whole chorus to “Luminescent Eyes,” says Beck. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. If we can get them to sing along in Shreveport than we know we’ve come a long way.”

I think it’s safe to say Blue Healer are well on their way. Take one listen to their quixotic sounds and you’ll know why.

Listen to Blue Healer’s self-titled debut album below, and purchase it here.

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