Blood Orange Dominates On New Single "Chamakay"

Since Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, released his debut album Coastal Grooves in 2011, he’s played music Cupid to indie princesses like Sky Ferreira and Solange, co-writing and producing sleek, whimsical pop songs. Now the matchmaker’s ready to release his sophomore effort, Cupid Deluxe.

The debut single, “Chamakay” inspired Hynes to travel to Georgetown, Guyana, his mother’s hometown, for the very first time. The music video documents his trip as he reunites with relatives he’s never met before, including his 92 year old grandfather.

Adam Bainbridge of Kindness directed the cinematic video. The two clearly admire each others work, as Hynes covered Kindness’ “CYAN” earlier this year.

Once again Hynes collaborates with a female artist, this time Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, who’s vocals add a beautiful sense of longing to the impassioned single. In unison they sing, “I’ll never leave you through the night, it’s all the same. I’ll never trust you through the night, it’s all a game.” He’s only perfected his mid-tempo, atmospheric sound over these past two years.

I think it’s safe to say, Blood Orange, you’ve arrived.

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