Blissfully Blue

The new Hercules and Love Affair album is out! It’s been nearly 3 years since they rocked the music world with their electrifying dance tracks, and the band has since gone through changes with their band members, label and producer.  Antony Hegarty, tied up pursuing personal projects, is no longer in the band and in place are Shaun Wright and Aerea Negrot. Despite all the changes, the bands talent and vision remains.

As Michael Dix of The Quietus beautifully puts it, “There’s a fine line between risk and recklessness, but Blue Songs walks it with the grace and balance of a high-wire acrobat, proving the old adage about fortune favouring the brave.”

Blue Songs is a wonderful follow up, filled with delightful dance beats and sonorous harmonies. The opener “Painted Eyes” is a rhythmic track with swift violin notes, sexy synths, and subtle bass. Definitely one of my favorites on the new album. There’s also the chilled out “Leonora” the softer “Boy Blue” and the stirring political anthem “It’s Alright.”

But don’t be fooled, while there’s a bit of the old Hercules and Love Affair on Blue Songs, there’s definitely a new, evolved sound as well.  Heavy house/techno elements make for a number of rave appropriate songs, including “My House,” “Visitor” and “Step Up” all thumping with a strong bass.

In sum Blue Songs was absolutely worth the wait – and will have you feeling anything but.

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Hercules & Love Affair – Blue Songs by moshi moshi music

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