Björk Readies First App Album, Biophilia


Björk sets to amaze fans once again, and turn the music world on its head with her newest masterpiece Biophilia. The album, which means the “love of life or living systems” will be a complete sensory experience: part live, part recorded and part iPad app. About 10 different apps housed under a “mother” app were created and designed to be paired with a different track on the album. Completely interactive, they allow you to explore the songs, and even create your own elements to the music. It promises to be a stunning release. Read on about the fascinating app designed for “Virus”

[Via The Guardian]

For one song, Virus, the app will feature a close-up study of cells being attacked by a virus to represent what Snibbe calls: “A kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it.” The interactive game challenges the user to halt the attack of the virus, although the result is that the song will stop if you succeed. In order to hear the rest of the song, you have to let the virus take its course. Using some artistic license, the cells will also mouth along to the chorus. It’s this determination to fuse different elements together – be it juxtaposing a female choir from Greenland with the bleeps and glitches of electronic music pioneers Matmos during the Vespertine tour, or meshing soaring strings and jagged beats on the Homogenic album – that helps explain the power and success of Björk’s collaborations.

Björk will debut songs from the album at Manchester International Festival this summer. “Special” instruments were designed and constructed specifically for these concerts, including “custom-built digitally controlled pipe organs, a gamelan-celeste hybrid and a 30-foot pendulum that harnesses the planet’s gravitational pull to create musical patterns.” Yes, you read that right.

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