Best Music Videos 2010

Wrapping up the week, here are my pics for the best music videos of 2010. Something else you loved? Share it in the comments!

1. Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown
Talk about personalization. This interactive video is all about the viewer. Entering the address of your hometown, clips of your neighborhood taken from Google Earth emerge on the screen, transporting you into a state of nostalgia and reflection.  Kudos to Arcade Fire for being on the cutting edge and knowing how to pull at people’s heart strings with completely captivating effect.

2. Cee Lo Green – F**k You
This is for the inital video that came out, not the new video that has since been released.  The scrolling text comes to life with font, caps and exclamations.  Simple it may be, but you find yourself watching through to the end – and then playing it over again. Flawless.

3. MIA – Born Free
 Political and controversial, this video is a commentary on profiling and the recklessness and destructiveness of war.  Makes one reflect on wars past and present.  I really respect MIA for her strong voice and her fearlessness in expressing it.

4. Jonna Lee – iamamiwhoami
There was so much speculations surrounding this mysterious video. Many people thought Christina Augilera or the Knife were behind it.  Turns out it was Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee. The cinematography is really beautiful and it’s just strange enough to keep you watching. An inventive video and viral campaign in one.

5. Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
This futuristic video stars Christina Hendricks, so by default it has to be good. But the commentary on the price people pay for beauty and perfection is interpreted in a captivating way. Love what they do with the “arm and a leg” motif.

6. Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Telephone
Lady Gaga and Beyonce (I mean Honey B) make for an unstoppable duo in this video. From the outfits (Lady Gaga’s telephone hat), to the ride (the pussy wagon) and the homicides, the pair make for great partners in crime.  Know one will dare blow up their phones again.

7. Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja 
A primordial dwarf, a school girl motif, and those graphic prints, this video is twisted and fresh. Die Antwoord have a unique sound and look, which they fully express in this video.

8. Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me 
I love this 50’s interpretation of the video. Beyonce looks phenomenal while subtly sending a lot of messages about the role of women in the 50’s and also today.  It gets you thinking (and also draws connections to Mad Men). How much have women progressed in society, and how much further do women still have to go? Beyonce is the perfect housewife in this video but she’s unhappy. I think the message serves as a reminder to not lose sight of yourself when in a relationship.

9. Janelle Monae – Cold War
This songstress sings from the heart and it shows. Amazing how much emotion she conveys in one shot. I love that they didn’t cut out the part when Janelle starts tearing up, it feels real, like you understand the struggles she faced to get to where she is, and her unrelenting drive to make it.

10. Katy Perry – California Girls
I love the Candyland theme here. It’s fun and sassy. The Snoop Dog cameo is sublime.  Only Snoop could pull off wearing a cupcake suit and still look pimp.

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