Ben Browning Can’t Stay (Much Longer)

Ben Browning is hungry. For flowers, grapes and most importantly, satisfaction. The Cut Copy bassist is front and center in the video for “I Can’t Stay” from his solo EP, Lover Motion. On this synth-pop dance track, Browning expresses frustration with a town “filled with simplicity” and the mundane people that reside in it as he sings, “Try to think of something that will impress me.” The quirky black and white video references fruit, kitties and Groucho Marx. While the lyrics are a little glum, the buoyant melody will get your head bopping. So the question is, are you impressed?

Browning recording the EP in various bedrooms while on tour with Cut Copy, and worked with Haima Marriott and Gus Franklin from Architecture in Helsinki on putting the finishing touches on the songs. Love Motion is out now.

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