Beach Fossils: Separate But Together at Cake Shop

Beach Fossils took over the Lower East Side’s Cake Shop on Saturday night – but the band itself did not perform. Rather, three former Beach Fossils members each performed with their own bands that they’ve formed: John Peña with Heavenly Beat, Christopher Burke with Fabric and Cole Smith with DIVE.

Photo by Terri Nguyen via Captured Tracks

 John Peña of Heavenly Beat kicked off the night with a burst of energy. A one man show, Peña sang along to elctro-synth beats booming out from his mac book. Jerking his body around the stage and becoming completely absorbed in the music (so much so that sometimes he’d take a pause from singing), Heavenly Beat was pure entertainment. A quick glance around the room revealed something rarely scene in a LES crowd – people smiling and visibly having a good time. Talk about heavenly.


Image via Eric Groom Photography

Fabric kept the energy high with amplified rock tracks and distorted guitar licks reminiscent of The Strokes. Christopher Burke, former Beach Fossils guitarist, was front and center as the lead singer, with rich, smooth vocals. Making use of the ground-level stage, Burke dove into the audience twice during the set, leading in some good old-fashioned moshing. Fabric plan to record an EP in March, but in the meantime you can listen to this demo I dug up on Bandcamp:

Untitled Demo by Fabric


DIVE closed the night with a buoyant and heady set. Their bright atmospheric harmonies are hard to resist head-bopping along too. Together or separate, the (former) Beach Fossils members all deliver with brazenly distinct bands of their own. DIVE have released two singles to date and plan to put out an EP in March.

Beach Fossils is slated to release their sophomore LP sometime this year, listen to the single “Shallow” below:

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